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The week of reading began with Luke 2:1-7.

This passage brings  hope and comfort about “time”. This year I am noticing the “darkness” more than other years. So many people are facing illness, financial difficulties, depression, loss of loved ones.

Notice these phrases with me today:

  • “now in those days” (verse 1, NASB)
  • “while they were there” *(verse 6, NASB)
  • “the days were completed” (verse 6, NASB)

God sees these days we are in, sees where we are, and knows what needs completion in our lives.

Even as I type those words, I am breathing out an, “Amen!”

The study asks: In what ways are you currently waiting on God?

Father, I thank You, for time is in Your hands. You have placed each one of us here in this very day. Help us to bring Your Light and Hope while we are here. Help us to be faithful to You knowing that when the days are completed, You will fulfill Your promises. Amen.

Let’s wait expectantly.


Mid week we read Luke 2:15-20, where we find the shepherds.

The actions of these humble and simple men have been remembered down through the ages:

  • “they hurried” (verse 16, NASB)
  • “they saw” (verse 17, NASB)
  • “they made known” (verse 17, NASB)
  • “they gave praise” (verse 20, NASB)

Let’s reflect a bit this morning on our own actions during this week of waiting … Do we hurry to spend time with Jesus? Do we see Jesus instead of that which glitters? Do we make Him known? Are we giving Him praise each day?


We closed the week with reading Luke 2:33-38.

Anna had our attention … “she was advanced in years”; “a widow”; and “she never left the temple”.

Yet even in her old age, 84 YO, she was still to be found in the Temple. There she fasted and offered prayers.

So often we think of ourselves as “too old” to do something new, or different. But as long as we are still drawing breath, God has something for us to do. Our lives still have purpose.

Anna not only fasted and prayed, she also “continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem” (verse 38, NASB).

I don’t know about you, but Anna brings a challenge. Should we be fasting more often? Who can we be praying for? Who might be looking for Jesus that we can speak to?

Prayer is the greatest act of service we can offer. We can do it no matter our age, no matter where we are, no matter our physicality.

Can we make today a day of prayer?

There are so many needs all around us. So many are overwhelmed by life, by health difficulties, by the contention all around us.

The reading reminded me of the words of Jesus as He cleared out the Temple … “And He said to them, “It is written: ”˜My house will be called a house of prayer’ …” (Matthew 21:13, NASB).

We are the Temple … let’s pray today!


God holds our time in His hands –
may we raise our prayers before Him
and wait expectantly.

Photo 1: by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash
Photo 2: by William Luiz on Unsplash

Today I am joining … Inspire Me Monday and Remember Me Monday.