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It’s January, or as some would call it – “the dead of winter.”

It’s the time of frozen and hard ground. Icy patches on the lawn. Thick grayness in the morning skies. It’s also the time of cozy blankets, crisp and white snow, perhaps a warm fire, and … no mosquitos!

So what is it we need to make it through this season?

I remember once hearing Chuck Swindoll state that in the season of winter, we most need consistency. He defined consistency as having patience, determination, and strength, regardless of changing times.

We develop consistency by spending time with God in the pages of His Word each day. As we do, we will not lose heart or grow weary. We grow in our faith so that we do not waver because we hold onto His promises.

But even further, we hold onto the consistent One.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.(Hebrews 13:8, NASB)

In Jesus, we find consistency. He is always there when we need Him. Actually, He is even there when we think we don’t need Him. He is there when we’re doing good, and when we fail, or fall short. He’s there in the best of our moods, and when we grouchy as all get out.

It’s true, we are in the dead of winter, but our souls can be warm and alive in Him as we remember who He is.

Jesus Christ is the same,
because He is immutable.

We need to stop for refreshment and restoration a little bit each day. In her post, Stop! I need to pull over!, Jennifer brings a powerful reminder that it is the only way we can continue on with the journey ahead.


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