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Every Friday I join a community of bloggers for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt, five minutes. Unedited. The prompt this week is … Achieve.

When I first saw the word prompt, I thought, “I don’t think I’ll have a post this week” and headed to bed.

One line in my devotional this morning struck me deeply: “Help me to be a peacemaker in a divided world.”

This one line had me asking the question of myself: How do we achieve peace in this divided world?

The question brought a smile as I immediately remembered “achieve” is the word prompt.

We will never achieve peace with arguments or debates. Differences of opinions will always abound and on every subject.

Yet this world, the Church, is in need of peace now more than ever.

The answer came in the form of two Scriptures weaving their way through my thoughts, and I quickly opened my Bible to read those words before me:

For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.(Ephesians 6:15, NLT)

In another version are the words the gospel of peace (NASB).

The Gospel is our only hope of peace. May we know God’s Word, be equipped by His Word, and have His words of truth in our hearts and minds to share and encourage those in our lives.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.(Matthew 5:9, NASB)

Suddenly the answer to my question became a little clearer.

We achieve peace by being what we are called to be –
sons and daughters of God,


Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska on Unsplash
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