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The week began in Matthew 5:2-12 and a focus on the beatitudes.

In this sermon, Jesus overturns all that the people were expecting in a Messiah. In so doing, He destroys the validity of their expectations and presents His upside-down kingdom.

“His kingdom would not be for ruling over the nations. Instead, it would be for ruling over the hearts of those who believe in Him.”

(from 40 Days with Jesus, page 73)

He’s always been after our hearts. His desire is to give us new hearts, transformed hearts, hearts that will pursue the things He pursues.

And to do so, we must become:

  • poor in spirit
  • mourn
  • hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • be merciful
  • be pure in heart
  • be peacemakers
  • and be persecuted

It’s easier said than done, no? Only as we remember this world is not our home, and rely on the Holy Spirit to strengthen us and give us endurance, will we be able to live in a way that honors Him.

The study asks: How do the Beatitudes present a life contrary to a life lived in the world?

I think the contrast is becoming more and more visible. What are your thoughts?

I hope you’ll share so we all better live this contrary life we’ve been called to!


In Mark 1:40-45, Jesus encounters the leper.

Leprosy carried with it such a stigma. The disease caused one to become an outcast. They were separated from family and friends. No physical contact.

And yet, the leper breaks every rule, coming out in public, and touching Jesus.

Jesus, rather than being horrified or worried about His own exposure, is moved with compassion.

“Dirt is transferred. Dirtiness pollutes. But amazingly, with Jesus, something different happens. Instead of the leper making Jesus unclean, Jesus makes the leper clean.
(from 40 Days with Jesus, page 82)

This is exactly what Jesus does for each one of us when we come before Him, humbling confessing our sin. He not only forgives us, removing the dirty stains, He makes us clean, white as snow if you will.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow.” (Isaiah 1:18, NASB)

The study asks: What sins, behaviors, or circumstances have kept you from running boldly to the Lord?

As we think about those things which have kept us from the Lord, or perhaps they are still doing so, may the story of the leper fall fresh on us. Jesus does not recoil from us, rather, He waits with open arms to touch us, to make us clean, to make us new again.


We close with Matthew 11:28-30. The topic … humility.

Three words stand out:

  1. Come: to move towards something; approach; to move or journey with a specific purpose.
  2. Take: to grasp; grip; get into one’s hands to possess.
  3. Learn: to gain understanding by study, instruction and/or experience; to come to realize.
    (all of these definitions came from the miriam-webster dictionary)

Only as we apply these three steps to our lives will be ever be able to grow in Christ.

Jesus desires for us to come to Him – moving towards Him with expectation.

He wants us to take His yoke upon ourselves – letting Him fit us with His directives.

He wants us to learn from Him – growing in gentleness and humility.

“His righteousness is the yoke He gives to His people, as He invites them to humbly lay down their own hearts at His table of wisdom.”

(from 40 Days with Jesus, page 92)

May the words – Come. Take. Learn. – cause each of us to realize how much we need the yoke Jesus offers to us. Take His yoke upon you and you will find rest for your souls.


Offering us a contrary life,
Jesus touches us right where we are,
offering us His yoke and rest for our souls.


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