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Good Friday is just a few days away.

And yet, in the eyes of many, there is nothing which was “good” about it.

It is hard to think on all which Jesus suffered on this day. Scripture graphically tells us of all He endured ”“ the beatings, the shame, the abandonment. It was a dark day for those who loved Him and had spent time with Him.

How do we reconcile these thoughts?

You are good and do good.” (Psalm 119: 68, NASB)

All our God does yields good. As I remember and focus on this truth, and the good which He does, my heart is filled with gratitude.

May our hearts be filled with gratitude for the sacrifice our Lord made for us. It truly was a dark and difficult obedience for Him, one He would have desired to avoid if at all possible. But He kept His eyes on His Father and He obeyed ”“ in order for us to experience His love, His forgiveness, His grace and mercy.

It is in the remembering that our hearts are filled with greater gratitude. The remembering perhaps keeps us from straying.

The story does not end with the Crucifixion. It doesn’t end with His resurrection. It doesn’t end with His ascension either.

The story has not yet ended for if it had, we would not have been included. The story is yet ongoing, open to all who will hear and accept Him as their Lord. And the story will continue for all eternity, for God is yet demonstrating His love:

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8, NASB)

Good Friday. A day which causes us to pause and to remember. And in the remembering, our hearts are filled more deeply with a love and gratitude for His sacrifice. His sacrifice, which He would have made even if each of us were the only one.

Amazing grace.
Amazing love.
It is good.

Often we look at the amount of work which yet needs to be done, and then can miss the beauty and surprise which is waiting to burst forth. In her post, “Spring’s Hope For Renewing the Dry Places”, Donna Boucher brings this reminder: “Avoid approaching your spiritual garden as a problem which needs fixing, but rather with a curious, loving gaze.” You can read her post HERE.


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