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“Rise up, be our help, and redeem us for the sake of Your lovingkindness.”
(Psalm 44:26, NASB)

“Have you ever thought that God is asleep? …

God does not sleep! How we feel doesn’t necessarily reflect what is true. Psalm 121:4 says that He who keeps Israel does not slumber or sleep. God is eternally vigilant and eternally alert …

God is awake, and He is mindful of our needs … He always waits to do His will at a time when it will do us the most good and bring Him the most glory. The delays of God are not denials.

Because His timing is perfect, we must wait, trust, and not complain.

God is ever mindful of your needs, and He will act when it will do the most good. His delays are preparation … Trust in Him and wait patiently. He will answer you.

(from Prayer, Praise & Promises by Warren W. Wiersbe, page 117)


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