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Every Friday I join a community of bloggers for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt, five minutes. Unedited. The prompt this week is … Road.

Don’t ask me for directions as in all likelihood, I won’t be able to name streets very well. I tend to notice landmarks. I always get where I need to be, but not due to knowing the names of the streets and roads.

Given the choice of taking a main highway or a lesser known road, I will always choose the roads. It drives some of my family crazy when I do so.

“Go the highway!”, they insist.

Some days leave me feeling awkward for not liking and choosing the same as others.

But the roads are more peaceful, less congested, and honestly, where I am most comfortable.

And the word prompt brought these feelings to surface with these two reminders:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I””
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

(from The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost)

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14, NIV)

I have chosen the lesser known, the narrow road,
and it has made all the difference,
and leads to life.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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