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National Days. They are often a fun and silly way of remembering things, perhaps celebrating them. For instance, today October 31st is ”“

National Knock Knock Jokes Day.

Seriously, who knew? You probably thought I was going to say something about Halloween. But no.

Knock knock jokes. Those silly and ridiculous jokes every kid loves to tell, and our family was no different.

The years of driving my son to elementary school were ones familiar to joke books. He always had one, or two, sometimes three joke books with him in the car. Other times, it was Calvin and Hobbs who took the ride with us.

Those were the years when children were permitted to sit in the front seat. He would read them all the way to school and laughter filled the car. I’m still not sure if I was laughing at the actual joke, or at the sheer sound of him laughing till he was wiping his eyes. Either way, the joke books took many a ride with us.

One silly tweet, and one national day, rolled together to make me realize ”“ let’s love and laugh deeply.

Our children are now adults, married with children of their own. Talk with our children now surrounds politics, news events, and religion. We don’t always see eye to eye on everything. There are days I long for the knock knock jokes as they were way funnier than some of our adult discussions.

Today my heart is filled with appreciation for the “ministry” of knock knock jokes in our family. I’m also remembering the teaching of Chuck Swindoll. I hope you will join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE for the rest of this post.


Photo by Eva Blue on Unsplash
Today I may be joining … Inspire Me Monday and Remember Me Monday .