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As we continued in the study Chosen by The Daily Grace Co., we explored the concepts of being brought near, dwelling near, and being His dwelling.

We began the week with reading Ephesians 2:11-13.

The heading on this portion in my Bible is “Position of Gentiles by Nature.” This section reminds us of what we were before Jesus – we were outsiders.

The mere word brings back emotions of the times in life I have been an outsider. Not invited or left out. Not understanding the inside joke.

And that is what we were before Christ came. He brought us in, included us, made us His own.

Now Paul wants us to remember. Why? Because when we remember what it was like to be an outsider, we also remember all Jesus did for us.

“These verses call us to remember all that we were and all that He is. We are now in Him and walk near Him. We were once far off, and now we are near. May we live each day near to His heart and praising Him for the grace that brought us near.”

(from Chosen by The Daily Grace Co.)

And when we remember this, we also remember what He can yet do.

Before salvation we had a problem and we couldn’t fix it, but God did what could not do. What things in your life right now can you trust Him to do what you cannot do in?

My hope today is that we will share what we are trusting Him to do presently in our lives. In other words, our prayer requests. May we remember He has brought us near to Him to hear our hearts. May we see Him move in our situations!


We continued on with reading Ephesians 2:18-22 today. The topic – the church.

Paul tells us we are no longer strangers and aliens. We go from being outsiders to being included as citizens and saints in God’s household – the church.

Church – among other believers – it’s where we belong and those are our people. It is where we worship each week, as well as the small groups we are a part of both in person and online.

“We were not meant to walk this life of faith on our own, but in community.”

(from Chosen by The Daily Grace Co.)

The purpose of the church, of this community:

  • we have a new family, friends that will walk through this life with us
  • and we have people to point us to the Lord

When the days are challenging, when we are struggling, it is other believers who come alongside of us and point us back to Jesus.

The study asks: The church is our new family. We may have many differences with other believers, but we are part of the same family. How does this passage encourage you to think differently about the church?

As I read the question, I went back and reread our Scriptures. It was verses 21-22 that stood out:

“In whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.” (NASB)

We all are being fitted together, built together, to be the dwelling of God in the Spirit. Those words blessed and encouraged me. We all need one another.

“He is in His people. He is with us.”

(from Chosen by The Daily Grace Co.)

As the days, and society, become more challenging may we find encouragement and strength in one another.


We’re closing the week with reading Ephesians 3:14-17a. I am finding myself very grateful for this slower, verse by verse study of Ephesians. Each reading continues to teach and reveal new and deeper insights.

“For this reason…” Paul now tells us why he is bowing before the Father in adoration. He tells us what he is praying for all believers, and that includes us:

  • that we would be strengthened with power through His Spirit in our inner man.
  • that Christ may dwell in our hearts.

This is a powerful prayer that Paul prayed, and we can continue to pray in our day.

“For it is in Scripture that God discloses his will, and it is in prayer that we ask him to do it.”

(John Stott quote as shared in the study)

He dwells in our hearts to empower us to live according to His Word, His will, and His purpose – to the glory of His Name.

The study asks: God is at work transforming us by His strength. What area of your life does God want you to grow in right now?

The question today has made me realize the area I want to grow in at this time is in courage. I want to speak out His truth in love and without being quieted by those voices that are louder than mine.

May we be people who will battle for their families, their churches, their communities, and one another!


We have been brought near,
in order to dwell near,
so that Christ may dwell in us.  


Photo 1: by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash
Image 2: by Lars Nissen from Pixabay
Image 3 by Aritha from Pixabay

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