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Sitting in the restaurant, we each ordered our food. Once the food arrived, while we each looked appreciatively at our own plates, her eyes roamed the table until she finally settled on one plate and said,

“That looks so interesting. What did you order? I would never have ordered that unless I first knew how it would taste.”

And we all knew what was coming, “May I take a taste?”

It was a scene which had been played out numerous times before, maybe even every time we were together. None of us minded but rather, it brought laughter as we all knew, she just could not resist.

As I reminisced about my friend, I remembered a few others who also just needed “a taste”.

I hope you’ll join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE where we will look at those who took a first taste. We will also remind ourselves of the importance of that very first taste.


Photo by steph on Unsplash
Today I may be joining … Inspire Me Monday and Remember Me Monday .