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Last week we completed the final days in Delight – A Walk Through the Psalms (Psalm 1-30) by The Daily Grace Co. It is a most encouraging walk through each one of the first thirty psalms. This week we began the next group of Psalms (31-60) in the series, Wait.

Psalm 26

Psalm 26 had my attention from the first verse:

“Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity, And I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.” (NASB)

We are to protect our integrity, and our character. There needs to be a consistency between our convictions and our character.

David was a brave man, in my opinion, as he asked God to vindicate him, examine him, and test his heart and mind. He invited God into his life, not holding back, into every nook and cranny. David knew he kept a short list of his sins, constantly examining himself and repenting quickly.

As I read through the entire psalm, verse 1 connected with verses 11 and 12:

But as for me, I shall walk in my integrity; Redeem me, and be gracious to me. My foot stands on a level place.” (NASB)

As we maintain our integrity, we are able to stand steady, which makes for a more stable life. We stumble and fall less in our walk with God.

The study asks: What does it mean to love the habitation of the Lord’s house, as stated in verse 8? Why should we dwell so closely to the Lord?


Psalm 28

Psalm 28 reminds us of the challenges we face as we wait. A few thoughts from the study itself:

  • “Delay does not mean defeat.”
  • “He is working in the waiting.”
  • “Every pot of water on a hot stove will boil.”

Each one of these statements is worth pausing and thinking on a bit.

Our God sees His people, hears our cries, speaks His Word to us, and moves in His time.

The subtitle in my Bible is: A Testimony to Answered Prayer.

Can we just give a testimony to an answer to prayer recently? It can be big or small, but let’s encourage one another by acknowledging that our God is at work in the delays and in the waiting.

And perhaps it will encourage us all to continue to wait for our pots to boil! 🙂


Psalm 30

Psalm 30 – a psalm which is praise for the deliverance yet to come. David wrote this psalm before the Temple was built.

“What an example to us to start praising Him even before we see the fulfillment of His promises because we know that He will be faithful.”

(from Delight: A Walk Through the Psalms by The Daily Grace Co.)

Each day we need to remind ourselves that God’s mercies are new and never run out.

Each day we need to remind ourselves that God will change our sorrow into joy.

“Every difficult experience of life is an opportunity to either have a “pity party” or to attend a rehearsal for singing in the choirs of heaven.”
(Warren Wiersbe)

I’d rather be singing. What about you?

How does the context of this psalm encourage you of God’s faithfulness? Are you willing to praise Him and thank Him for what He’s done, even if you haven’t seen the full picture?

Let’s keep on singing, anticipating what the Lord will yet do, because He is faithful. And one day, we will be singing “Jesus led me all the way.”

Today’s Psalm and reading brought this song to mind:


As we maintain our integrity,
God hears and answers our prayers,
reminding us of His faithfulness and promises He will fulfill.


Image 1: by Silvia from Pixabay
Photo 2: by Michal B on Unsplash

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