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As some may know by now, I have watched each our three granddaughters up until the time they began school. It has been a blessing beyond which I have words, bringing much love, joy, laughter, and memories.

One of our favorite things to do each afternoon, after nap time, was to have a snack on the back deck. I remembered one day, after eating her snack, Jocelyn climbed up into my lap to snuggle and talk.

I said to her, “Let’s close our eyes tight and take turns telling each other what we can hear.”

She loved the idea and quickly began: She heard an airplane. I heard the wind chime. She heard a bird. I heard the wind. She heard the ant walking on my deck.

Say what?

I asked her to look at me and asked, “What does an ant sound like walking on my deck?” to which she quickly responded, “Just like an ant walking on your deck.”

It wasn’t a sassy reply but a very matter-of-fact reply. I realized she had seen an ant walking when her eyes were open. Therefore, when her eyes were closed and she was “in the dark”, she could still “see” and “hear” what she knew to be true when her eyes were opened.

We all know God is good. We would all agree that He is a good God. And yet, if we’re honest, we have all faced times when we have questioned this very truth.


That day on the deck, Jocelyn had so beautifully provided the answer to handling those times in which we struggle. Won’t you join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE where I’ll share what I learned that day from my granddaughter.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
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