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The psalms show us how we can bring our doubts to God for He will settle them with His faithfulness.

Psalm 71

This is a psalm which looks back on one’s life knowing and recognizing God’s faithfulness in every day.

It is God’s righteousness that causes Him to do what is right. A righteous God is active in helping His people.

The writer (and we don’t know who wrote this psalm) states in verse 3: “Be my strong refuge, to which I may resort continually” (NKJV).

“The writer didn’t want to run away and hide from life; he wanted to receive the strength needed to face life with its challenges. The Lord was his habitation and his help.”

(from The Wiersbe Study Bible, page 817)

As you think on the words  “refuge” and “habitation”, what do they mean to you?


Psalm 73

As I read the first verse, I had to pause to think and pray for Israel: “Surely God is good to Israel” (NASB).

Yes, God, remember Your people. Be good to them once again.

This psalm reminds us of several truths:

  • God is good.
  • Worship will help us to stop looking inward and shift our eyes upward.
  • God is with us. Always.
  • God will hold our hands, guide us, protect us, and provide for us – as He deems best for us.

Asaph (the writer of this psalm) was struggling. He knew God so it wasn’t unbelief. My Bible commentary pointed out the difference between the two:

“Doubt comes from a struggling mind, while unbelief comes from a stubborn will that refuses surrender to God. The unbelieving person will not believe, while the doubting person struggles to believe.”

(from The Wiersbe Study Bible, page 819)

It is no small wonder God encourages us to take our doubts to Him. He will respond so the struggle ceases and we come to a place of surrender and belief.

Like Asaph, when we shift our gaze upward and forward (onward), we stay steady because we are standing on God’s promises which are sure. God will do what He has said He will do. His Word is sure. His promises are secure.

The study asks: What truth do you need to preach to your own heart when your circumstances threaten to overwhelm you?

Do share as it may just be the very truth one of us needs to preach to ourselves as well.


Psalm 75

“We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, for Your name is near.” (NASB)

Our hearts should be filled with gratitude that His name is near to us.

God is near to us, sovereign over every occurrence in our lives, and guides us with His Presence.

As we see world events unfolding, and the horrible events occurring, we can rest assured He will judge and bring judgement; He will right every wrong.

The study asks: How does God’s righteousness give us hope?

His righteousness gives hope because He does everything rightly, justly, and faithfully. And if He has been so in the past, He will be so today, and always.


The Lord is ever faithful ,
showing us Himself even when we doubt,
filling us with hope for the days ahead.


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