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My teenage years were spent with much reading, especially the biographies surrounding courageous stories of faith. I’m not sure how old I was when I first read God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew, but it is one I well remember.

Fearless by Faith is a devotional book of 60 readings intended to build faith, deliver encouragement, and bring wisdom on how to fight the spiritual battles of our day.

The book has two authors, Brother Andrew and Al Janssen, who together bring new insight to the familiar stories from the lives of David, Elijah, Jonah, Moses, and Gideon.

The book is broken down into two sections:

  • Fearless Listening. This section shows us how each of the warriors from listened for God’s instructions.
  • Fearless Fighting. This section shows us how they battled.

The book amazed me in that, it is so relevant to the times we are living. The wisdom and truths, pulled from these stories of faith from Scripture, are relevant and rich, sure to build up faith.

The readings are short but deep, and are followed with a few questions for reflection. Each of the warriors are different in personalities and in the battles they faced. Yet there are lessons for us all to glean so that we are better equipped to face the conflicts in our own daily lives.

“God loves inserting people into impossible situations, regardless of their age or circumstance. The higher the stakes, the more we see His involvement, and the more we learn what He is like.”

(from Fearless by Faith, by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen, page 25)

This is a book I will treasure and read again, only much more slowly. It is also a book which is sure to make a wonderful gift.


** This book was provided by Chosen Books. The opinions expressed in this review are both honest, my own, and were not required.