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The day is forever etched in my mind.

He asked for his woolen cap from his hospital bed, but it was not in his bag that day. She reached for a towel to make a “cap” of sorts. I reached for my phone and texted, “When you come in, can you bring a new wool cap with you from one of the dealerships?”

A short while later, my husband arrived with the cap in his pocket and pulled it out to show it to him. A small smirk came across his eyes when he saw the name on the front and he jokingly said, “Oh I stepped down from [insert name of a different manufacturer]. Am I good enough?”

We all laughed at his humor, yet intact.

He wore the cap until he could wear it no more. Who knew a woolen cap had a lesson to teach, but it has taught quite the lesson.

I have worn quite a few caps in my time. Perhaps you too?

I have been a daughter, sister, wife, in-law, mother, employee, aunt, mother-in-law, and Mimi. Who knows what cap might be donned in the days ahead?

The truth is I did not wear the cap because I could fit the role perfectly. I am quite flawed, and my mistakes have been plentiful.

Yet God positioned me in my life to fill a role I was totally unprepared, or unequipped, to do. And I have asked the question many a times, “Am I good enough?”


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Image by Pexels from Pixabay
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