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We need to examine the motivation of our hearts and asking ourselves a few hard questions may be a good starting point:

  • What compels us to do the things we do?
  • Is it a need to impress others or receive recognition?
  • Would we be content to do if there were little thanks, or no reward at the end?

“The approval of others is never a suitable replacement for the Father’s.”

(from “Awaken” by Priscilla Shirer page 60)

We need to fight the temptation to feed our egos or to be prideful.

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us. But to Your name give glory; Because of Your mercy; Because of Your truth.” (Psalm 115:1, NKJV)

“This psalm begins with a bold declaration that all believers are and do is not for their benefit. Rather, it is for God’s name that everything should bring glory. Life does not revolve around man but around God … God’s loyal love is never rescinding but forever strong.”

(Holman Old Testament Commentary, Vol. 12, page 213)

It’s a psalm which reminds us to give God alone the glory He deserves. His kindness towards us, and His truth which stands firm forever, should move us to worship Him alone.



And yet, idols will try to creep into our lives. They may not necessarily be physical idols but if we look deep, we may find they look like:

  • our spouses
  • our children or grandchildren
  • our education
  • our positions in work or even in church
  • the places in which we live

Idols are insidious – they are tricky, sneaky, present themselves as good when they are anything but. Verse 8 brings insight into the danger of idols:


“And those who make idols are just like them, as are all who trust in them.” (NLT)


We become like what we worship. There’s a question we need to ask ourselves, probably more often than we realize:

“Who or what are you allowing to shape you?”

(Praise: A Walk Through the Psalms by The Daily Grace Co., page 138)

As our world, country, and society is changing, we need to be careful as to what we absorb. We will become like what we are around.

Our news channels, our political parties and candidates, the programs we watch on TV, the podcasts we listen to – all of these will shape our lives and thinking if we don’t bring it all back to the Gospel.

We need to ask ourselves how do these things align with God’s Word. What does God have to say about what we see unfolding?


 “Who or what are you allowing to shape you?”


Let’s take time to reflect on this. Do we see ourselves becoming combative, argumentative, selfish, unkind, less compassionate?
We need to allow God to be the center of our lives and active in our hearts.
Ask Him to keep our hearts soft and malleable, filled with His love and peace,
and may we give God alone the glory.





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