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Pulling into our driveway, I notice the basketball hoop on its lowest setting. Over the years, it has been raised and lowered to adjust to the height of children, adults, and now again, grandchildren.

Memories of shooting hoops with our two oldest granddaughters flood my thoughts. When the younger of the two began shooting baskets, we gave her a junior basketball. It was slightly smaller and perfect for her toddler hands.

She did not want anyone showing her how to shoot, constantly reminding me, “I a big girl now”. Only when trying repeatedly with no success, and becoming frustrated, she finally let me give her a few tips.

I moved her just a little closer to the hoop, instructed her on how to aim and shoot, and stood to watch. I was amazed at the staying power Jocelyn has in her. She kept at it until she finally got one in; and then kept on shooting until she was able to get several in a row.

Having read Psalm 44 the last few mornings, the words came back to mind:

They did not conquer the land with their swords, It was not their strong arm that gave them victory. It was your right hand and strong arm and the blinding light from your face that helped them for you loved them.”
(Psalm 44:3, NLT)

When God’s people possessed the land and battled with their enemies, they were very aware it was not by their own abilities.

So often we can rely on our own strength and abilities to achieve a goal. Yet even well equipped and strong, God’s people were not able to obtain victory on their own.

We can check off every box and still miss it.

My mind returns to that day, now years ago, when I watched Jocelyn shooting baskets:

  • Ask for help. Only when she had tried repeatedly and come to the point of giving up, did Jocelyn ask for help. Let’s shorten the struggle and ask for God’s help quickly.
  • Rely on God. Much the way, Jocelyn needed a little coaching in order to make a basket, we need to rely on God to guide us in what we are to do.
  • Admit our shortcomings. It’s OK to say, “I can’t do it!” It is at this point our God steps in and shows us what He can enable us to do.

That day in the driveway, I so wanted to help Jocelyn achieve a basket. After getting four in a row, she remarked, “I made four because I’m four. Mimi, you’re a genius!”

And that is when I learned the lesson a little more fully …

As we trust God to do what only He can do, we discover the greatness and genius of our God in ways we would not have known otherwise.

God wants us to know the blessing of success and victory
He can bring to our lives as we trust in Him,
and He helps us out of His great love for us.

Debbie Wilson shares of the time when her pup, Strider, delivered a powerful lesson for us all. We will recognize and follow the voice we listen to most often. May we live out each day, inclining our ear to hear the voice of the Lord. You can read “Are You Quick to Recognize Your Shepherd’s Voice?” HERE.




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