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Psalm 119 probably my favorite psalm and I know, I probably say that about several psalms 😄.Warren Wiersbe has this to say about this psalm:

“The emphasis in this, the longest psalm, is on the vital ministry of the Word of God in the inner spiritual life of God’s children. It describes how the Word enables us to grow in holiness and handle the persecutions and pressures that always accompany an obedient walk of faith.”


(from The Wiersbe Study Bible, page 869)

There are just so many truths to live by contained in this psalm:

  • His Word is to be our counselor (verse 24)
  • We are to observe and obey His statutes. Outlook determines outcome. What we look at determines what we are becoming. (verses 33-34)
  • Life is a pilgrimage, a journey we make in obedience. (verse 54)
  • Scripture will light our way. (verse 105)
  • We need to wait upon His Word. (verses 81 and 114)

I think my struggle is in waiting for God to speak. Sometimes I forget, or am impatient, to just sit in silence, not thinking, not speaking, not reading – just to sit and wait for Him to speak to me in the midst of the quiet.

It brought this song to mind, which I had to stop and listen to a few times this morning.

“God’s Word is trustworthy:

No matter what people do
No matter what people say
Regardless of how you feel
No matter how long you live.”

(Warren Wiersbe)

May we learn to wait for God to speak,
for His words alone are trustworthy
and will never fail us.


Photo by Jessica Mangano on Unsplash
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