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Psalm 23 is a most well known and beloved psalm by so many. Sometimes it is good for us to slow down and take the chapter in slowly, absorbing the words and letting them sink deeper into our souls.

That was exactly what I did one morning last week when both Psalm 23 and an old Keith Green song collided. Slowing down to absorb the words as I read from The Wiersbe Study Bible, it was these insights which had my attention:

  • We are the sheep of Jesus. “Jesus is adequate for every need the sheep may have as they are in His pasture.”
  • “The present tense verb “is” means “the Lord is shepherding me,” indicating an ongoing relationship.”
  • “The word translated “leads” in verse 2 means “to lead gently.” You cannot drive sheep.” Sheep must follow.
  • “God is not before us but beside us, leading the way and calming our fears. The “valley of the shadow of death” represents any difficult experience of life that makes us afraid, and that also includes death.”
  • “As the shepherd lay each night at the door of the sheepfold, he looked back over the day and gave thanks … In spite of his sins and failures, he had been followed by goodness and unfailing love …”

How can you rest in these truths today?


Photo by Morgan Winston on Unsplash
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