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Last week we decided to go away for just a few short days. I had been feeling a particular way for a number of weeks & thought it best to disconnect in order to find relief. Want to know what feeling sent us away?


That is the feeling that drove us to get away to Lake Winnepausakee for a few days. I had been feeling overwhelmed with all the things that were on me. At times, my insides felt like a pressure cooker.

Overwhelmed is that feeling of being overcome by irresistible force such as thoughts or emotions. It can also be that feeling of being pulled in many directions, none of which are going in the same direction :)  You know the feeling….

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • daycare
  • wedding planning
  • juggling children’s school schedules
  • juggling said school schedules while also juggling activities schedule
  • church responsibilities
  • bills
  • perhaps stressful work

Some days my head spins & I am sure, so does yours. As I sat thinking about this, one early morning while we were away, I realized….

Our heads will probably always be spinning.

Seriously. That is just the way life is most days. So with my eyes now opened to this (ugly) fact, I asked the Lord, “What is a woman (or a man – as I am sure they can feel this way as well 🙂 ) to do?”. As I opened my Bible, Scripture stepped up to the plate to answer that question for me:

“Your salvation requires you to turn back to Me & stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in….
Complete. Dependence. On. Me.”

(Isaiah 30:15 The Message. I added punctuation for emphasis)

Whoa! That stopped me dead in my overwhelmed tracks!

Guess He’s telling us a thing or 2!!!!

  • Perhaps that overwhelmed feeling will subside when we stop trying to manage everything & everyone in our own efforts.
  • Maybe it means turning back to Him every day, through out the day(!!!) & putting it all back into His capable hands for management.
  • Perhaps we need to stop our silly efforts to do it all.
  • And perhaps we just need to settle in with our Savior & be in Complete. Dependence. On. Him.

After all, if He is able to manage the universe, I guess He might be able to manage my  small life & yours as well.

I am not sure about you but I know that this is what I will be reminding myself – Complete dependence on Him. Let’s give Him the job of managing us all.


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