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For many years, I have had a deep rooted fear of water. I mean deep rooted. And I mean FEAR. That fear has kept me from fully enjoying swimming or being in water where my feet are unable to feel the ground beneath them. But a few years ago, when turning 50, I had determined that there would be some things that I would accomplish & to enjoy the water was one. That summer, at the lake, unbeknownst to my family, I put on a life jacket & headed down to the water. I eyed the swim platform & began to walk out into the water. It was only a short while before my family was yelling to me, wondering what I was doing. I swam to the platform, climbed up onto it & after a few minutes – JUMPED – into the water. Now maybe this is no huge deal for you but for me – this was simply unimaginable.

Today I remembered another person, who jumped into the water. Let me tell you about him….

Early one morning, the disciples were out in their boat fishing. Jesus is on the shore but they do not recognize Him.

He calls out to them, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?”

They do not recognize Him yet He calls them “friends”. I just love that. Friendship doesn’t change or waver with Jesus based on the responses He receives. He truly is a “forever” friend.

He gives them some instruction on what to do in order to catch some fish. Listening to Him, they are unable to haul the net because of the large number they catch. It is then, and only then, that John recognizes Him & states, “It is the Lord.”

Peter upon hearing that, JUMPS into the water. He forgets about fishing. He forgets about hauling the fish back to shore. He wraps up his clothes & JUMPS.

Jump, according to is “to spring clear of the ground or support, to leap, to advance, to move past.”

And that is what Peter does. He jumps into the water to get to Jesus. He moves past his denial of Christ & moves to the Lord. He jumps into the water because…. that is where he needs to be in order to be with the Lord.

There are times in life that we will be called to JUMP. It will take just that for us to be with Jesus. And it is as we take that jump that we leave the past behind & move forward to all that He has for us. In taking the jump, Peter found his restoration.

The jump is a leap of faith into ALL that God has for us.

(You can read the story of Peter’s jump in John 21.)


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