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This week I almost stole a chicken! Seriously. Let me explain what happened….

I had to go to the supermarket for just a few quick items. While driving, I began a phone conversation which got deep and lengthy and so was not done upon entering the store. I continued to talk while getting my groceries and decided to go through the self check-out. I had no desire to be rude to the cashier in continuing my phone conversation while standing in front of her.

I had so few items that everything was in the seat basket except for one item, which was below in the main section of the cart to avoid it spilling.

I carefully scanned each item, paid cash, bagged my items all while continuing my conversation.

The topic of conversation you ask? Honesty & being truthful at all times. Most that know me will know that truthfulness is of the utmost importance to me. I truly abhor being lied to. As I approached my car, our conversation ended and I disconnected. In going to put my groceries in the car, there it was…..

The chicken in the cart below.

You know the one I am talking about…


The already cooked one that I put below so the juices would not leak all over my purse in the cart seat. {{Are you even kidding me????}}

I put the chicken in my car, got myself in the car, turned the AC on & began my conversation – this time, with God.

Now mind you, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would take the stupid chicken back in and pay for it. That was not the point. But I went into the store on a time crunch and God knew that.

So he & I discussed what this was all about…….

  • “Could You not have let me see the chicken while I was in the check-out?”
  • “Surely You could have nudged me?”
  • “You know I am in a hurry.”
  • “Why today, Lord? Why today?”

He was pretty quick to reply. Not aloud but in my heart, in a gentle whispering in my thoughts…..

“Honesty. You hate lies. You said it yourself in that conversation while walking through the store. So…..when you are inconvenienced will you yet be honest?”

I got my hind end out of the car and into the store, carrying the chicken. I headed to the courtesy desk. There was a teen boy and I explained, “I want to pay for this chicken. I inadvertently left the store without paying for it and didn’t realize it was in my cart until I got to my car.” He did exactly what you might be imagining…he busted out laughing.

“Let me get this straight”, he said. “You got the chicken all the way to your car and now you brought it back in to pay for it?” He looked down at his watch and continued, “I cannot wait to get to the break room. No one is going to believe this!”

“You do realize NO ONE would have come back in. Right?”

“Yes, I know”, I replied feeling quite foolish and even more annoyed at my chicken.

“Why? Why did you bring it back in?”, he asked.

“Because I do not want to steal a chicken. Now can I please just pay for it?”

While he rang me up and we exchanged money, conversation continued. I did his mother a favor and reminded him that his mother would want him to do the same. We laughed through it all. And as I walked away, his voice YELLED, yes yelled, behind me…..

“Enjoy your chicken. Your $7.99 chicken that you could have had for free!”

I got back in my car knowing I had done the right thing. But more so, I knew in my heart that God had tested me. He had put me to the test so that He and I could see what was in my heart. Was my heart going to align with what I knew to be truth and right before God? Even when no one else would know?

“I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity.” (1 Chronicles 29:17 NIV).

May I just say….it was the best tasting chicken. My $7.99 chicken.

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