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It is funny how we can read a tweet and a whole thought process begins. And that just happened to me….


Remember girls, the Holy Spirit is like hair color…we keep going back for more lest our roots begin to show! 😉

Now I am sure it struck a chord even more deep as my roots are showing and I literally had just made my appointment to tend to them! But here is what I realized even more importantly….

I so want more of Him and less of me to show up in my life.

And frankly, the more of Him and less of me that shows, the better off everyone will be!

I think Paul felt the same way, although minus having to color his hair, as he wrote this: “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25, NIV).

“Keeping step” involves much. It will require precision, focus, timing and desire.

I have been struck by a commercial that includes nine golfers. OK, so I know this might seem silly but I have watched this video COUNTLESS times and other than mini-golf, I can truthfully say, “I am NOT a golfer!” Yet I have not been able to stop watching this. It finally hit me why…..

Watch the precision. The timing, the strength of the putt, their stance – it all had to line up. They had to “keep in step” with one another.

May we do the same in keeping with the Spirit. It is then that everything in our lives will line up and make sense and we will find “success” in Him.


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