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Today is Veterans’ Day. I am grateful for those that have gone before my lifetime, and those that are serving now, to protect the freedoms that I enjoy each and every day. May I never forget their sacrifice. May I never forget the sacrifice of each and every family in being without their loved ones for extended periods of time. May God be with, and keep safe, those that are now serving and comfort their families in their absence. Thank you!


She gets such a bad rap at times. OK, granted she provoked Sarah and made fun of Isaac. Hagar was the “other” woman who had only done what she was ordered to do, I cannot imagine all the jealousy and insecurity that wreaked havoc with her thoughts and emotions. And I am truly not trying to make excuses for her. But we have to admit, she was mistreated as well.

Sarah forces Abraham to put Hagar and her son out. Literally out to pasture or the wilderness. Scripture tells us,

So Abraham got up early the next morning, prepared food and a container of water, and strapped them on Hagar’s shoulders. The he sent her away with their son, and she wandered aimlessly in the wilderness of Beersheba. (Genesis 21:14)

He knows the wilderness will not be easy for them. To make it easier, Abraham provides them with rations. Or maybe it was to appease his heavy heart. But there they are, Hagar and Ishmael, no where to go and wandering aimlessly. I cannot conceive of how that must have felt because I do not even like to go to the mall and wander aimlessly! Seriously.

We are told that in but a short time, the water runs out. May we not forget that they are in a wilderness, dry and hot. Hagar distances herself from her son as she “does not want to watch the boy die”.

What occurs next is amazing….

God hears the boy crying and begins a conversation with Hagar. He calls to her from heaven. He is moved with compassion when He hears the cries of her child.

Then God opened Hagar’s eyes, and she saw a well of water. (Genesis 21:19)

Now I am not sure how that will hit you but I will tell you what hit me –

{{{God had to open her eyes for her to see it.}}}

The well had always been there. Somehow in her despondency, Hagar missed seeing the provision that was already there.

How often have I been like Hagar? How often has God placed what I need in my life and I do not see it? Maybe I did not recognize it as the needed provision?

Or maybe I just longed for something other than what He had provided. {Ouch}.

There are times that our human feelings – despair, hopelessness, fear, desperation, and hurt – can blind us causing us to see that which God is working and providing for us. God had never abandoned Hagar and Ishmael. He was there with them, in the wilderness of Beersheba. He was with them in their aimless wandering.

And He is with us. Forever providing and protecting.

May He open our eyes to see His provision.



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