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Today is the start of the Lenten season.

My journey feels like the proverbial riddle question …. What happens when you cross a ___ with a ____ ?

Let me explain….

There are bloggers whom I love to read and I do read faithfully. Their words touch me deeply causing me to think in ways which change me. When opportunity presented itself to join the launch team of a favorite, I jumped to sign up. While waiting to see if I would be accepted, I read the post of another favorite, Margaret Feinberg, in which she included a reading challenge. Hence the riddle question ….

What happens when you cross the New Testament reading challenge of a favorite blogger with the book launch of another favorite blogger?

You get my Lenten journey for the next forty days!!!

It was with excitement that I began to read Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee. Little did I know what was about to stir in my heart. Sure, I have had idols in my life, in the past –

  • my marriage, particularly, my husband
  • my children, I love being a mom!
  • my position as a licensed daycare provider who had a waiting list
  • insecurity and the desire for approval of others

But God had pretty much dealt with and uprooted each of those in my life. Painfully so but He had done the much needed (and required) work. The email came saying I was on the launch team and included the first chapter of the book. So I read it….

Whatever rules our hearts becomes our lord. The person who seeks approval and acceptance can become controlled by it. The person who is motivated primarily by a need for human affirmation is, in the end, ruled by it. (Jennifer Dukes Lee)

And then there was the verse on my calendar …


I knew this already and began to question … “Is there anything, anything at all, which is ruling my heart or even attempting to rule my heart, other than You, Lord?”

My suggestion would be to not ask that question of Him unless you truly want Him to show you because He will respond. For me, the answer showed up in a question innocently asked by a family member ….

“How is your blog doing this week?”

There is nothing wrong with the question. My family member was asking out of genuine interest. But the question wiggled under my skin and began to uncover something – a desire for approval or perhaps to make a name for myself. Definitely a wrong motive for blogging.

Now back to the original question ….

What happens when you cross the New Testament reading challenge of a favorite blogger with the book launch of another favorite blogger?

You get my Lenten journey for the next forty days which will look like this …

  1. I will blog silently. No self-promotion. I’m leaving the outcomes to Him.
  2. I am giving up bread for the next 40 days as I go through the New Testament reading challenge. I want my focus to be on the Bread of Life, Who is my source of nourishment, or sustenance, of all meaning.


For the next forty days, I want to be quiet before the God, a little less active. No striving for affirmation in numbers or possible statistics. I want to focus on what He alone is saying. I want to be more aware of His enabling in my inadequacies. I want to see His activity in my life.

Can you hear the sound  – – -  the sound of a few idols crumbling down in my life?


May I not emerge from this journey the same person. May I be free of the need for the approval of others.

May all I do be for an audience of One – my God.

During this Lent season, may we be willing to let go of those things which are taking up space in our hearts intended to be filled with God alone.

I am joining Jennifer Lee in a journey to remove #LoveIdols from our lives. The book becomes available April 1st – Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval – and Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes. It is available now for pre-order. Come join the movement on Facebook too.

Also, here is the link to Margaret Feinberg’s, 5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Walk With Christ, a Lent reading challenge.

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