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LoveIdol_FC_Endorsement_101413I am currently reading Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee. It will be released on April 1st and you all will truly want to read this one. You can pre-order it now (not an affiliate link).

Let’s face it, we all seek approval from various sources over the course of our life. And they all come up empty. All of them except for the one true lover of our souls – God.

But the problem does not lie with the things we seek. The problem exists within our very own hearts….

“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?” (Jeremiah 17:9, NLT)

Our own heart lies to us, trick us, and lead us astray. And we foolishly return to depending on our hearts so the problem happens – repeatedly. We need to become stronger, wiser, more discerning and bolder so that we tell our hearts “No!” and stop the cycle of chasing empty promises.

The world will tell us to follow our hearts or chase our dreams or pursue your passions. But I am beginning to think perhaps even that is foolishness. In reading the Gospel of Matthew, I see that Christ called his disciples, and others, to only follow Him. Each of His disciples were already following their passions – fishing and/or tax collecting. Christ called them to stop following their own dreams or ideas of success and follow Him.

I listened to a song the other day and one line struck me … “Let heaven’s heartbeat move me.” That would definitely mean “moving to the beat of a different drummer”. It would be moving to the beat of the Only drummer who is able to make a difference. It would be following His heart and His alone.

When it is heaven’s heartbeat that moves me, I will stay close and follow Him alone. On the days, and there are many, when my own heart moves me, I will fall flat on my face. Every time. Following close to Him will protect me from myself and my pursuit of false saviors. Jennifer shares this wisdom ….

Sinners, saved by grace, know we need daily saving grace to keep us from falling. If we come to the end of ourselves, we need to stay there, for this is the sacred place where Christ’s daily renewal springs forth. (page 115)

And maybe that is where Lent is bringing me this season, to the Table. For each morning as I desire a piece of buttered toast or an English Muffin, I am reminded daily to stay close to Him. As I eat my breakfast of yogurt and fruit, I am reminded not to fall for false nourishment. Not to follow my heart but to follow His.

“Let heaven’s heartbeat move me.”

Follow His heart


His heart alone.

Check out the song, Follow Your Heart by Anthem Lights on You will be so glad you did.


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