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Lately I have had to drive new places. For the record, I like the familiar roads much more. There is something about passing and seeing that which I know and have been to before which brings me a sense of security.

Driving into Boston with traffic and construction, well, it’s a formula for white knuckles.

The first trip in, we set my GPS and although I still had to drive through the traffic and construction, I got there. I listened to her little voice instructing me and guiding me through each twist and turn. There was nothing as wonderful as hearing her say, “Your destination is on the right.”

So when a week later, we had to come back into Boston, my anxiety level was slightly lowered as I thought for sure at least it would now be somewhat easier. To my surprise, her little voice guided me to get off at an entirely different exit. As I looked around, nothing at all was familiar nor had ever been seen by me before.

Who knew GPS had a mind all its own?

I called my husband, who works for the car manufacturer, to question about my GPS. He calmly hopped on a computer to investigate exactly where I was and where I was headed and assured me I was headed in the right direction. The mere sound of his voice, assuring me, set my confidence and peace back into place.

And here is what this all taught me ….

To be going when you have no idea where you are going is hard. I’m now convinced I would not have made Abraham a very good travel companion. How he went, not knowing where he was going – no GPS, no map, nothing – well let’s just say, he now has my full admiration.

Moses? Seriously, I probably would have been the loudest grumbler in the pack. Follow the cloud by day and the fire by night? What? And expect to get to the promised land safe and sound? This has suddenly become even more remarkable to me than ever before.

We seem to forget – they were people, humans, the same as us. No different. And yet, somehow, they did it. Then today I read this:

I think one of the biggest mistakes Christians make while reading the Bible is forgetting that none of the characters, except Jesus, knew how things were going to end. They didn’t know their story would turn out so awesome.
(from Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs, page 112)

Much the way my  mind ran away with me during the ride into Boston, their minds could have run away with them as well. But they chose to believe what God had said to them instead of listening to their fears. They bravely continued on. They listened only to the voice of God and followed Him even though they did not know where He would take them.

“Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go.” whether to the right or to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21, NLT)

My GPS did not fail me for any of our rides into Boston. It may have taken me on different routes or unfamiliar streets but I was never lost. Granted, neither did I know where I was going, but I arrived.

I’m beginning to learn God leads me much the same way.

Unfamiliar but never lost.

And I arrive.


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