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“As for you, continue in what you have learned and firmly believed, knowing those from whom you learned.” (2 Timothy 3:14, HCSB)

It is so easy to believe during those times when God is doing something amazing in your life. But what happens when we are in the midst of those average run-of-the-mill days? The days which seem ordinary, unexciting, mundane even?

Tucked away in this small epistle I found a verse which instructs me for those very times:

  1. We continue. This word means, “to remain, abide, to stand firm” (New Testament Lexical Aids). We are to hold onto, gripping tightly to what we already know. It calls for, demands even, that we live with a fierce commitment to those truths we have learned.
  2. We must know well the truths we have been taught. We can adhere to these truths because we know and are persuaded of the trustworthiness of our God. We must know God’s Word so that we are convinced to the very marrow in our bones that His Word is truth. The Truth. May we not feel the need to go in search of “new truths” but remain in the truth we have learned.
  3. We must know our teachers. May we know, without a doubt, those from whom we are learning. May their lives point us to Jesus not only in word, but by the very example and testimony of their lives.

In the middle of those quiet and unassuming days, may we stick with what we have learned and believed. We keep praying. We keep reading God’s Word. We keep showing up for church. We keep serving. We keep giving.

*For it is as we continue that we will find ourselves “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (verse 17).


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