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In recent days, we have returned to a discussion which we have visited several times. It is a topic which comes to his mind and one I seek to avoid ….

We need to draw up a will.

We have not accumulated much but we have worked hard to get what has been obtained and desire our children to benefit. We still have not called a lawyer as we have no idea how one decides about such matters.

Our love for our children, and wanting to do what is best for each of them, weighs heavily on our hearts. Conversation is had between us and once again, we fall asleep with no hard fast decision other than – we need to contact an attorney.

Solomon struggled with much the same problem although, he being an abundantly wealthy man, had much to decide upon. I read his thoughts on this very topic – “I work hard. I leave everything I have earned to those who have not worked for it. How do I know if they will be wise with it, appreciating what is given to them or foolish, wasting it all away?” (my interpretation of Ecclesiastes 2:18-19).

Solomon provoked me to think further on this as he is the one who asked God for wisdom. Believe it or not, my thoughts became a bit murkier before they began to gain clarity.

Maybe it isn’t so much about what is left behind in a written will. Perhaps there is even a greater wealth we leave behind.

And perhaps it isn’t possessions or wealth. Can it be more about treasure?

“Treasure” >>> “any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized; to retain carefully or keep in store” (from

We work hard to provide for our children the best we can. We want to leave them something which will make life easier or more enjoyable. All very noble indeed. Yet there is nothing which I can leave to them that can guarantee either ease or enjoyment. I cannot even be certain anything we leave them, in the form of monetary gain, will be lasting.

And so here’s the deal this morning …. We continue to do exactly what we are doing. We pray, we stay in God’s Word, applying His truth to our own lives. We actively and consistently and persistently pursue God’s ways so that our lives become living examples our children will remember and desire for themselves, even if it is after we are gone.

And then we leave the rest to Him and trust God to do what only He can do – bring our children to Him, grow them into wise adults, and keep them following His ways.

The treasure we leave them is God Himself. He alone is to be highly esteemed and desired. He alone is who they will hold onto. It is His very word we hope they will store up in their hearts and mind.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21, NIV)

May He be treasured above all else.

May Jesus be the legacy we leave them.

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