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Have you ever noticed that believing can be hard work some days. When the evidence all around us is telling us something different than what we want to believe, it takes every ounce of strength to believe.

It is those very times, we discover just how strong a will we truly possess.

I read an interesting verse this morning …

“Laziness leads to a sagging roof; idleness leads to a leaky house.”
(Ecclesiastes 10:18, NLT)

Last week, we had an insurance appraiser come to the house to inspect damage done by ice dams this past winter. He and I discussed what a long and difficult winter it had been. Chopping ice and keeping the snow off the roof became a full time job for so many in New England. Perhaps this is the very reason the verse struck a chord in my heart and mind.


My husband’s chore each day was the roofs. We had to be diligent, each and every day, to clear away the ice from the gutters. It was back breaking at times, fatiguing as the cold and wetness went down to our bones. But the key was getting back out there every day to chop and clear.

And so it is with believing God.

We are going to need to be persistent, reminding ourselves of the truth of God’s Word even when everyone and everything are telling us otherwise. We cannot afford to be lazy or idle.

Laziness, according to is to be “averse or disinclined to work or exertion; to be sluggish or slow-moving”.

Idleness, according to that same dictionary is “not working or being active; not filled with activity; doing nothing.”

If we do nothing, taking no actions, are slow to move towards God then when life hits us, we will succumb to fear and doubt. We will not have anything in our faith bank to draw upon.

This life of faith, of actively believing God and His promises, is not going to be for the lazy or idle. We must participate with Him in His Word so we can see past our circumstances to what He is able to do.

May we actively believe Him each day.

No holes in our faith.


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