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“My life is down in the dust, give me life through Your word. I told you about my life, and You listened to me.” (Psalm 119:25-26, Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Amazing how reading from an unfamiliar version can bring new insights. And that is exactly what happened as I read these verses.

Some days we just get “down in the dumps”. We may not even be able to put our finger on what is bothering us or what is wrong. But we feel down, discouraged, perhaps blue even.

The dust life kicks around sticks to our souls thicker than pollen on our furniture and wood floors.

On those days we seem to need a jump start, where do we turn?

The psalmist tells us he found life through God’s Word. He was revived as he meditated upon Scripture. He began to enjoy life again, recovering from the slump he was in.

We have been wired to gain life from God’s Word.

Godly perspective and purpose is acquired from studying Scripture. His Word begins to stir in us an appetite for more. We tell Him about our life and amazingly, He listens. Only God can enable us to apply His truths to our lives and in so doing, find our weary souls revived.

Feeling down today? Get alone with your Bible.

Open it up and let His Words breathe life back into you.

Today I am joining … Testimony Tuesday and True Story and Intentional Tuesday and #RaRaLinkup and Reflect and Unite .