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The study in front of me asks its readers to make time to read the book of Colossians in one reading. I did so but returned repeatedly to two verses …

“You learned about the Good News from Epaphras, our beloved co-worker. He is Christ’s faithful servant, and he is helping us on your behalf. He has told us about the love for others that the Holy Spirit has given you.”
(Colossians 1: 7-8, NLT)

The apostle, Paul, introduces us to Epaphras and yet little is known about this man. What we do know is that he worked at the church of Colosse and was connected to Paul. Paul calls him a beloved co-worker, a servant, and a help.

This man was pouring his life into the people of Colosse and told Paul not only of the growth of the church but of their love.

February – the month devoted to love – at least by Hallmark, florists, and chocolate companies. But love can be challenging at times, can it not?

But in this church at Colosse, we find:

  1. The people loved sacrificially and without reserve.
  2. The people loved without discrimination. Their love and actions were directed to all.

“The very nature of love is that it presents in us the necessity of giving it. This love from the Holy Spirit is a love that counts no sacrifice too great to make for the one loved.”
(taken from The Expositor’s Commentary)

God’s love – for all people for all time.

It’s easy to love the ones who are like ourselves. The challenge comes when we are called to love those vastly different from us – – different lands, cultures, and even personalities.

The last few days I have been so struck with this thought … Me … vastly different from Christ, God’s Son and yet – God. Loved. Me.

As this month unfolds its theme of love, let’s think of how we may come to love others better, deeply, sacrificially, and without discrimination. Let’s end the month of February more deeply in love with our Savior and able to love others as He has called us.



Today I am joining … Three Word Wednesday and Tell His Story and Wedded Wednesday and Women With Intention .