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It’s the morning after. The Monday after Easter.

It is always amazing to me how in the midst of the familiar, we get a fresh insight. Or perhaps a few nagging questions which provoke us in our spirit.

Over the last week, I spent much time in John 20. I love that we find Mary Magdalene coming early to the Lord’s tomb. John even tells us it was still dark.

Her grief compelled her to “go”, for grief often has its own reasons. I am sure she expected to find the tomb yet sealed. But what fell on me fresh was this …

Mary Magdalene just wanted to be near her Savior.

She had a deep seated need to be where Jesus was, with Him however that might mean, even if this meant sitting outside a sealed tomb.

Her need to be near Him was the reason she experienced more. Her need to be near Him caused her to see the risen Lord. She heard Him speak her name bringing hope to what seemed hopeless and life to what appeared to be dead.

And the questions which have been mulling around in my heart became more clear:

  • Do I [we] long to near Jesus?
  • Does my need [our need] drive me to Him? In other words, does my need to be near Him cause me to get alone with Him? To go where He is?

Mary went to the grave much the way we would go to the graveside of a loved one … to sit, think, cry, and mourn. She already missed spending time with Jesus. She missed their conversations and being with Him.

Her need was for Jesus alone, no strings attached. She did not want anything from Him. She did not need to ask Him for provision or to do something for her. Her need to be with Him is what caused her to see Him in all of His glory.

“Mary Magdalene found the disciples and told them, “I have seen the Lord!” Then she gave them his message.” (John 20:18, NLT)

In finding the disciples, her first words were of seeing her Lord. Then she delivered his message. Seeing Him and being with Him was dearest to her heart.

Praying today for that to be my need as well –
to draw close to Him solely for Him,
for the sheer joy of being in His Presence.



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