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We sell our used books online. What can I say? I have always been a reader and somehow can collect books faster than my shelves collect dust. Some remain keepers, others I give away, and others are sold.

My husband, in an effort to save me trouble, takes the packaged books to work. He has an employee who takes a daily run to the post office for the business.

“Bob” [not his real name] is a quiet and older man. A gentleman. He is quiet and unassuming. Totally reliable. Always shows up. He’s there in the early morning, literally before the crack of dawn, to empty each and every trash bucket. He straightens up the facility, makes runs for coffee, and does any other odd job which may need to be done.

And he has been there for years.

Last week though, my husband decided to run my package to the post office himself. The clerk looked at the package, recognized the return address and asked, “No Bob today? Is he OK?”

My husband was surprised by the question and the clerk continued, “Everyone knows Bob.”

She then made mention how Bob always checks up on how everyone is doing, making friendly and easy conversation each time he comes in. “Go into Burger King. Everybody loves Bob in there too.”

Come to find out, everyone knows Bob and loves seeing him.

My husband, upon returning to his car, called me to tell me what had taken place. It immediately brought to mind the very last episode of This Is Us. And yes, I am a fan of the show as well as everybody else who has ever seen an episode.

It is in the last episode, upon which William has passed away, and the mailman comes to the door. He asks about William as he had not seen him about for a few days. Upon hearing the news from Randall of his passing, the mailman tears up and says, ““People don’t stop just to talk anymore, you know,” the mailman said as his lip trembled. “We became friends. He always asked about my daughter.”

And he’s right.

Common pleasantries are becoming a thing of the past. We are in such a rush as we run errands, take our walks, or stop at the post office. We no longer see those around us. They become a blur. Perhaps even invisible.

But not to people, like [Bob], who have discovered –
One of the greatest ways to bless others is to simply “see” them.

“I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” (Matthew 25: 40, NLT)


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