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“When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” (Luke 5:6, NIV)

There are seasons of life in which we feel as if we are stuck in a rut. We don’t see anything happening or changing. We begin to feel nothing ever will happen. We doubt God will answer our prayers.

They had been out fishing all night and their nets remained empty. Not a thing. They were experienced, fishermen by trade not by hobby. They not only knew when to fish but the best places where success would be found.

But that night proved empty.

Then Jesus showed up and gave them instruction to go back out. To go to a deeper spot and let their nets down again. Simon explained that they had been out all night. He was skeptical that anything would be different this time. But he went, none the less. He agreed to do as he was told even though it appeared to be foolish and futile.

When they let their nets down, this time they came up so full, they needed help. The nets began to tear and even with two boats hauling, both were on the verge of sinking from the weight.

What if they had resisted going back out? What if they had said we have been there and done that and did not catch a thing? What if they had stuck to their guns and not tried once again?

Sometimes it is only “when we have done so”, meaning that we have done what the Lord has asked or has shown us, do we begin to see things turn around in our lives. Had they not “done so”, they would not have caught any fish at all.

God shows us what we need to do to bring about change,
but it is up to us to obey and do so.

God will speak to us through His Word and guide us to the changes which need to be made and the steps we need to take. It is as easy as showing up and spending time with Him in His Word and letting Him do the necessary work in our hearts and minds.

We wait for God to move and do,
while often He waits on us to “do so”.

May God give us the strength “to do so”. May He help us to take the steps in obedience to what He has shown us so that we may experience all that He has for us.


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