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“But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.”
(2 Corinthians 2:14-15, NLT)

“Being an aroma is about essence, not about actions.

In 1 Corinthians 4:4, Paul says, “It is the Lord who judges me” (NIV). Paul understood that we must gauge our success by human standards. God doesn’t measure success as we do. He wants to see a heart that has been conformed to the image of Christ. We are not to abide in Christ so that we get results in our work. We are to abide in Christ so that we are transformed into His image; we begin to look, sound and yes, even smell like Him.

Prayer: Father, make me a sweet-smelling aroma to You today as I obey You, as I rest in You and as I pray. May I not focus on my Christian works, but may I focus on You only.  May we focus on our relationship with You rather than depending on ministry for fulfillment. Amen.

(from Voices of the Faithful compiled by Kim P. Davis, page 292)


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