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“Jesus, replying, said to them, “Have faith in God [constantly].” (Mark 11:22, AMPC)

This faith thing isn’t a once-and-done deal, nor is it something to be thrown away at the first sign of trouble or forgotten when all is well. It’s a persistent, dogged, determined belief in God.

God has created you to be with Him, so abide in Him, He has given you His Son Jesus to guide you in all things, so follow Him. He has left His Spirit to comfort you, so cling to Him. This faith is fed and fueled by your actively spending time with the greatest of beings – Father, Son, and Spirit. Do you part (He is already doing His) and you will have a constant, living faith and a continual, abiding peace.

Prayer: Here I am, God. Let’s talk.

(taken from Daily Wisdom for Women, 2018 Devotional Collection, 3/9/18)