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“Praise the Lord your God, who delights in you and has placed you on the throne as king to rule for him. Because God loves Israel and desires this kingdom to last forever, he has made you king over them so you can rule with justice and righteousness.”
(2 Chronicles 9:8, NLT)

The queen of Sheba had heard about King Solomon’s great wisdom and fame. She came to see for herself, and was she ever impressed! The interesting point to notice from her visit is that she acknowledged God’s hand in what she witnessed.

When others notice your good works, attributes, or talents, do you let them see past you to the true source of your power and worth?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I want to shine for You today – and every day! May others see good in me so that they will praise You and give glory to You. Amen.

(taken from Daily Wisdom for Women, 2018 Devotional Collection, July 23)