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I went for a walk alone that day. Well not exactly alone, as I was one in the midst of hundreds of women at a conference. There, walking on that concourse, bumping and jostling with other women, weaving in and out of the crowd, I was talking to God about a situation in my life. Looping the concourse, I reminded God I was needing His guidance.

And God provided an answer in the midst of the crowd.

He brought His Word to remembrance; a Scripture not spoken at the conference, yet the truth of that Scripture resonated, bringing resolution to my situation.

In the midst of a crowd, I would not have expected God to speak. I would, however, expect it in the “silence”, which reminded me of the many times the Lord met needs while “in the crowds”…

  • In Matthew 4, we are told large crowds followed Him. Yet in that crowd He healed those brought to Him, those that “were ill with various diseases, those suffering from severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed” (verse 25). Jesus saw each one in the crowd.
  • In Matthew 8, we are again told a large crowd is following Jesus. A man with leprosy comes and kneels before Christ asking to be made clean. Christ reaches out, touches him and he is immediately healed.The leper was one man in the crowd.
  • In Mark 2, Jesus is in Capernaum where many had gathered. So many, there was no room neither inside or outside of the house. Yet four men, determined to have their paralytic friend obtain healing, they lowered him through the roof and the Lord heals him. He was one paralytic in the crowd.
  • Also in Mark 2, we find Jesus in the midst of a large crowd when he walks along side of Levi and says, “Follow me.” Levi was one man in a crowd called to be a disciple.
  • In Mark 5, we are reminded of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. In the midst of a large crowd, she presses forward to touch Christ and instantly finds healing. She was one suffering woman in the crowd.

We can be that one in a crowd. God brings a corporate word each Sunday as we sit in church pews. But even in the midst of a congregation, He can speak to us individually, privately. He knows exactly where to find us.

I am reminded of the day Jesus called Nathanael to follow Him. Philip who was already a follower of Jesus, went to find Nathanael and brings Nathanael back to Jesus. When Jesus sees Nathanael approaching him, He identifies him by saying:

“Now here is a genuine son of Israel””a man of complete integrity.”Â  (John 1:47 NLT).

Nathanael’s response?

“How do you know about me?” (verse 48).

Christ answers the question,

“I could see you under the fig tree before Philip found you.” (verse 48).

Jesus knows all about us.
He knows where to find us.
Even when we are one in a crowd.