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Last week we concluded our time in More Than Anything and our study of idolatry. God has given us much to enjoy and find delight.

The problem lies when we look to them to fulfill us, to give our lives meaning, or purpose. We can often let those very things consume us and become our identity.

“He [God] provides all the pleasures of the world to be enjoyed by us, but He provides instruction and restraint to help us enjoy them and protect us from idolatry.”


(from More Than Anything by The Daily Grace Co., page 111)

Every pleasure we enjoy needs to remind us of the One who has given them to us.

No matter how often we study idols, there will always be another temptation seeking to set up residence in our hearts. Why? Because the enemy will always be vying to have first place in our hearts over God.

The study suggested a few wise and practical ways to keep idols dethroned:

  • We must allow the Holy Spirit to convict us and open our eyes to any idols in our lives. We will not be able to see them for ourselves and our hearts will lie to us.
  • We must ask God to show us what misbelief about God led to the idolatry. Somewhere we believed a lie the enemy was telling us.
  • We must surround ourselves with godly people, those we can open up to and share transparently with knowing they will keep our confidence. Community is important for the enemy does his best work when we are in isolation.

It is amazing the lengths to which God will go to keep us from idolatry. He will keep nudging us until our eyes are open to see what He would have us to see.

“Our greatest hope for turning from idolatry is loving God more than anything else.”


(from More Than Anything by The Daily Grace Co., page 124)

May the prayer of our hearts be found in these words of Paul: “Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” (Philippians 3:8, NLT)

As we see how worthless everything the world would offer to us is,
we will increasingly see
the worth of knowing Christ.  



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