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October is here. And with its arrival has come the #31 Days Challenge. This challenge, held by THE NESTER, is where bloggers pick a topic of their choice – and write about this one topic – every day, for the 31 days of October.

Last year was my first attempt – 31 Days of Holding, which you can read here .

imagesThis year I will be doing – 31 Days of Going in Circles. Each day, my reflections will center around Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker.

The last few months, I have felt like my life has been going in circles. You know the rest of the saying … and getting nowhere quick. So for the next 31 days, I want to focus on drawing circles around, and praying for, my family, my dreams, life’s problems and better yet – God’s promises to me.

As Mark Batterson puts it …

“God Honors Bold Prayers and Bold Prayers Honor God.”

You can follow the full 31 days by using the category – 31 Days of Going in Circles – in the sidebar, which will always land you here. Each of the posts will be added on a daily basis besides being on my home page.

I hope you’ll join me as I go on this journey to believe God for more and with more.

Day 1:  Pray Anyway

Day 2:  Take the Risk

Day 3:  New

Day 4:  From Circling Around

Day 5:  Help My Unbelief

Day 6:  Keep. On. Circling!

Day 7:  Dare to Dream

Day 8:  We Learn

Day 9:  Running in Circles

Day 10: Care

Day 11: From Circling Around – 2

Day 12: Unbelief Is What?

Day 13: Sometimes We Circle Back

Day 14: Little –> Much

Day 15: What’s The Difference?

Day 16: As Long As I Have Breath!

Day 17: Long

Day 18: From Circling Around – 3

Day 19: Walk in Truth

Day 20: He Is Able

Day 21: Remain Unoffended

Day 22: Take Them Captive

Day 23: Pray Today

Day 24: Dare

Day 25: From Circling Around – 4

Day 26: An Accomplishing Word

Day 27: Reading & Praying

Day 28: When Giants Fall

Day 29: Never “All Ready”

Day 30: In Prayer

Day 31: Come As You Are


Today I will be joining with … 31 Days .